Terms & Conditions

Order Process

Choose a product → to add to the shopping cart → checkout → fill in the delivery information (if you place an order for a company, please fill in the office address) → make payment → complete the order.

Place and pay for the completed order, we will arrange the shipment for you as soon as possible. According to the order, general merchandise will be shipped within 3 working days. Pre-ordered products will be shipped within 14-18 working days.

  • Please note that shipments will be suspended on holidays/national holidays.

Payment Method

1) Online Payment

Proceed to pay online, provide various types of cards such as VISA, Master, JCB, and joint charge card.

2) Physical ATM Payment

You will get a set of virtual accounts dedicated to ATMs. Each account corresponds to each order. If the account number or the amount is entered incorrectly, the transfer will not be successful; if we do not receive your payment for more than 3 days, your order form will be automatically canceled. The goods cannot be reserved. If the account is missing, you can use the order query function to determine the transfer account.

  • If you use the ATM teller machines of the following banks, please select "Payment" when making payment to make the payment successfully: Taishin Bank, Yushan Bank, China Trust, China South Bank, First Bank, Fubon Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank, Changhua Bank, China Banking Corporation, Cathay United Bank, Public Bank

3) Reward Points

Special corporate members will be able to use the reward points to check out. Please be sure to confirm your reward points balance before checkout.

  • Reward points can only be used for products that have been signed by the company, and the checkout system will automatically exclude the use of shopping money for non-signed products.

Domestic Delivery

All online product prices of Mascot Workwear already include shipping charges within Taiwan. If you purchase other Oyako Shop products at the same time, shipping may be incurred.

  1. The general area of ​​the island: in cooperation with Hsinchu Logistics, the goods you ordered can be received within 3 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after shipment.
  2. Outlying islands or remote areas: Shipped by the registered post office, and can be delivered within 7 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after shipment.
  3. Other countries: FEDEX / EMS shipping, the cost is calculated based on the actual volume and shipping area.

If you have any requirements, please contact us via email: [email protected] ​​we will provide you with a freight quotation and create an exclusive payment link for you.

  • If import duties need to be paid due to customs approval, they will be borne by the consignee.
  • Some countries may delay the export and delivery due to import, customs, and other policies, and the actual delivery time is the main factor.

Online Return Policy

We promise that within 7 days from the date the customer signs for the product (subject to the date of receipt of the express delivery) if there is any dissatisfaction with the product, we will provide return service. We do not provide an exchange service, for the time being, please return the product you originally purchased, and then re-purchase the product you want.

  • The 7-day appreciation period is based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. Customers (including themselves, relatives, friends, or administrators, etc.) can unconditionally return the products 7 days after signing for the products, provided that the products remain brand-new and fully packaged.

I. Note for returns:

  1. Please ensure the integrity of the returned product, that is, the product must maintain the original quality and function, and the product itself, accessories, trademarks, and tags are complete. Please return the whole set of products.
  2. When returning the goods, please return the product itself, tag, accessories, physical gifts, and product packaging (excluding cartons and express bags) together.

II. The following circumstances will not accept returns:

  1. Out of safety and hygiene considerations and in accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, the principle of reasonable exceptions to the right to cancel communications transactions, underwear, socks, leggings, and other personal underwear products that have been opened.
  2. Products that have been washed, worn, or used, or contaminated, or damaged due to your personal reasons.
  3. Products whose logos such as trademarks and water-washed logos have been removed or cut.
  4. Not the product itself, but only other items or gifts attached to the order.
  5. Products that exceed the return processing time limit.

III. Other matters needing attention:

  1. Partial returns are not accepted for packaged products.
  2. We will not handle exchanges. If you need to exchange due to quality problems, we will do it for you according to the return process.
  3. For home delivery returns, arrange the designated delivery to the original receiving address for pickup.
  4. You can also choose to return the goods to the designated store for return.

Store Return Policy

I. With the purchase invoice, customers who hold goods that have not been worn or cleaned, and whose tags and product labels have not been damaged or removed, will be able to return and exchange the goods at the original purchase store, and meet the following conditions:

  • For regular-priced items and limited-time discounted items (including discounted items), the return period is 10 days from the day of purchase by the customer.
  • For custom-made products that have been printed or electro-embroidered with specific corporate trademarks, the return and exchange period is 5 days from the date of purchase by the customer.
  • Exchanges are limited to the same type and quantity of goods. If you need to change other styles, you must return the goods and purchase again.
  • The refund method must be the same as the payment method at the time of consumption. When a credit card or charge card is used for a refund, please show the receipt (POS form) and the credit card or charge card used at the time of consumption at the same time.
  • The customer may not repurchase the original returned product on the day of return.

II. The following circumstances will not accept returns and exchanges:

  1. Exceeded the return and exchange period specified in the company's return and exchange policy.
  2. The purchase invoice or product label is missing, or the tag has been removed or damaged.
  3. Goods whose original packaging has been demolished or opened.
  4. Non-defective underwear, hosiery, and other intimate clothing products.
  5. Products that have been washed, worn or damaged, modified, dyed (such as lipstick, sweat stains, etc.) caused by personal reasons... etc. affect resale.
  6. The product is incomplete, for example, missing gifts and accessories that come with the product.
  7. Shopping paper bags.
  8. Clearance sale of goods
  • Mascot Workwear agent "Youho Enterprise" may revise this customer return policy from time to time, and the latest revision shall prevail.


選擇商品 → 加入購物車 → 結帳 → 填寫送貨資料(如您為企業特約下單請填寫辦公室地址) → 進行付款 → 完成訂購

下訂並付款完成的訂單,我們將盡速為您安排出貨。依照訂單順序,一般商品約 3 個工作天內出貨。預購商品約14~18個工作天內出貨。

  • 請注意,例假日 / 國定假日暫停出貨。


1) 線上刷卡

線上刷卡機制採用綠界線上金流,每筆交易都經過先進加密技術處理,刷卡時將以亂碼型態傳送至銀行端進行認證授權,同時我們無法檢視你的卡號,請您安心付款;線上刷卡提供 VISA、Master、JCB 和聯合簽帳卡等各種卡別。

2) 實體 ATM 付款

您將取得一組 ATM 專用之虛擬帳號,每筆帳號對應每筆訂單,如帳號或金額輸入錯誤均無法順利轉帳成功;如超過 3 日未收到您的款項,您的訂購單將會自動取消,商品亦無法保留,如帳號遺漏可利用訂單查詢功能確定轉帳帳號。

  • 若您使用以下銀行的 ATM 櫃員機,繳費時請選擇需選「繳費」才能成功付款喔:台新銀行、玉山銀行、中國信託、華南銀行、第一銀行、富邦銀行、台灣銀行、土地銀行、彰化銀行、永豐銀行、國泰世華銀行、大眾銀行

3) 購物金


  • 購物金僅限使用於已簽訂之企業特約商品,結帳系統將自動排除非簽訂商品的購物金使用。


Mascot Workwear線上商品價格均已含台灣島內寄送運費。

若您同時購買Oyako Shop其他商品,有可能產生運費。

  1. 本島一般地區:與新竹物流配合,出貨後 3 個工作天(不含週末及例假日)內可收到您訂購的商品。
  2. 離島或偏遠地區:以郵局掛號寄送,出貨後 7 個工作天(不含週末及例假日)內可送達。
  3. 其他國家:以 FEDEX / EMS 寄送,費用依實際材積、運送地區計算。

如有需求請先透過 email: [email protected] 與我們聯絡,我們將提供運費報價並為您建立專屬的付款連結。

  • 若因海關核定需支付進口關稅,將由收貨人自行負擔。
  • 部分國家因進口、海關等政策關係而會有延遲出關配送的狀況,以實際配達時間為主。

台灣線上商店 退貨政策


  • 7日鑑賞期是根據消費者保護法規定,客戶(含本人、親友或管理員等),在簽收商品後起算7日,在商品保持全新狀能且完整包裝的情況下,可無條件退回商品。


  1. 請保證退貨產品的完好性,即產品需保持原有品質、功能,產品本身、配件、商標標幟、吊牌齊全。套裝產品請整套退貨。
  2. 退貨時請將產品本身、吊牌、配件、實物贈品、以及產品包裝(不包括紙箱、快遞袋)一起退回。


  1. 出於安全和衛生的考慮以及依照消費者保護法第十九條通訊交易解除權合理例外情事準用原則,已拆封之內衣褲、襪子、打底褲等個人貼身衣物類產品。
  2. 已水洗、已穿著使用、或因您個人原因造成受汙受損的產品。
  3. 商標標幟、水洗標等標幟被摘、標幟被剪的產品。
  4. 非產品本身,而僅是隨單附贈的其他物品或禮品。
  5. 超過退貨辦理時限的產品。


  1. 套裝產品不接受部分退貨。
  2. 恕不辦理換貨,若您因品質問題需要換貨,我們將根據退貨流程為您操作。
  3. 宅配退貨均安排指定貨運至原收件地址取件。
  4. 亦可選擇自行將商品送回指定門市退貨。



  • 正價商品和限時優惠商品(含減價商品),退換貨期限為自顧客購買當日算起10天內。
  • 已印製或電繡特定企業商標之客製商品,退換貨期限為自顧客購買當日算起5天內。
  • 換貨僅限更換同款同數量的商品,如需更換其他款式,須辦理退貨後重新購買。
  • 退款方式需與消費時的付款方式一致,信用卡或簽帳卡消費退款時,請同時出示消費時的簽單(POS單)及消費時使用的信用卡或簽帳卡。
  • 顧客退貨當天,不得重新購買原退貨商品。


  1. 超過本公司退換貨政策規定的退換貨期限。
  2. 缺少購買發票或商品標籤、吊牌已拆除或損壞。
  3. 原包裝已經被拆毀或打開的商品。
  4. 不具瑕疵的內衣類、襪類及其他貼身衣物類商品。
  5. 已經水洗、穿戴或因個人原因所造成損壞、修改、染色(如口紅、汗漬痕跡等)…等影響再次銷售的商品。
  6. 商品不完整,例如:缺少隨商品附帶的贈品及配件。
  7. 購物紙袋。
  8. 清倉銷售的商品
  • Mascot Workwear 代理商-宥和企業可不定期修訂本顧客退換貨政策,並應以最新修訂生效的版本為準。




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